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When four disgruntled people are called for civic duty by the United Universe government, they are shocked to discover that they have been chosen for an assignment to a far-off planet. Now known as Group T19, they are told that there is suspicion of illegal activity on the planet and that they have been sent as spies. When they arrive at the space station on White Planet 8069, there indeed seems to be something suspicious going on.

Group T19 is unprepared for the nature of these activities. Will they win the fight for the UU? Or will they themselves be swept into the lives of the White Planet residents?




& About this Project

This Chat-A-Book project was created in 2005 with the working title Assignment to White Planet 8069. The writers met weekly in a private chat room and "acted" out the story, ad lib. The characters' conversations happened in real time, with natural reactions. The transcript will eventually be converted to a radio drama and/or screenplay. You may read the original rough draft here.


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