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Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ; who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. Titus 2:13-14

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Amy Michelle Wiley founded Peculiar People in 2005 with the idea that, "One of the most important things a story-teller needs is strong characters. I admire writers who have characters with personalities so strong that when they speak you know who it is without being told. What better way to get unique characters then to have a different author writing each one?"


The goal of PeP is to bring together Christian writers so that they can have fellowship while combining their skills to make a strong whole. The hope is that PeP will be well known as a group that provides clean entertainment and enrichment by telling stories that are unique in every way.


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& About the PeP Authors


PeP's authors find homes all over the US as well as in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. They range in age from teenagers to retirees. Some are just beginning to test the writing waters, and some have been writing for a lifetime. To contact a specific author, either find their private contact information by following the link on their name, or email PeP and address your note to that writer.


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Please note that PeP does not necessarily endorse the information on authors' private websites.

Al Boyce is a former wire-service reporter living in Raleigh, NC, where he and his wife, Cindy, have a thriving homeless ministry. Al currently works as a systems engineer, and writes a Christian column for (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Amy Michelle Wiley, the founder and director of Peculiar People, is a freelance writer and editor in Washington state. Amy dabbles in all genres, but especially loves to write short stories based on true events, such as Biblical, historical, or current event fiction. She believes fiction can touch readers in a special way to show the personal love and care God has for each of us. Following her passion for words, Amy is also a professional sign language interpreter. She is learning to live life fully despite having Fibromyalgia. (Director and contributing author to all PeP projects)

Ann Grover lives in northern British Columbia, Canada with her husband and homeschooled daughter, and besides writing, enjoys reading, painting, and playing the flute. She received second and third place in FaithWriters' 2006 Best of the Best awards, and is currently co-authoring a book on spiritual companioning. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Caitlynn Aley Lowe is a student at a small, Christian college, where she majors in Digital Media Arts. This is her first written contribution published in print, however, she has contributed several comics to the Megazeen--a small-time Christian comic magazine--both on their website and in print. She lives in and attends school in the Midwest U.S. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Carolyn Kenney has been a life-long resident of Wilmington, Massachusetts. After attending college, she worked for a Boston law firm before becoming employed by the Town of Wilmington. She has worked there for over thirty-five years and currently serves as Assistant Town Clerk. She has traveled extensively and has a variety of interests. Her most inspiring trips include two visits to the Holy Land along with trips to Rome, Medjugorje, and Mexico. Writing became a passion of Ms. Kenney's later in life. Her life experiences have been instrumental in developing the richness of the reflections contained in her book Meditations of the Heart, available at (Contributing author to Delivered)

Cassie Memmer, a former postal employee and retiring township trustee, lives in southwestern Indiana with her husband, Ed. Married in 1969, they have one daughter, Katie. She is active in their church where she is a part of the praise and worship team. Cassie has written on and off for many years; poetry, short short stories, songs, and true life accounts. She has been published several times in e-zines, also in Faithwriter's anthologies, along with a couple of other print publications. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Charles “dub” Wright grew up in a military family, spending his first years in Quonset huts along side runways and on the edge of military bases.  Later, his parents would be among the group who built the schools and highways of the United States. He was educated in the best public schools; however, he graduated from undergraduate school at William Jewell College, a private college. He would later earn a Master’s degree from Southern Tech, a college of the University of Georgia. He has completed advanced certificates in English as a Second Language, as well as, Adult Literacy. He currently serves on the adjunct staff of Liberty University. Dub and his wife Patricia have three sons, and eight grandchildren. They are members of Centenary United Methodist Church in New Bern, North Carolina; and they reside near the village of New Bern, North Carolina. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek, Delivered, and Heirloom Chronicles)

Claudette Wood has been writing poetry for many years and has been published in several poetry compilation books. She lives in North Carolina with her husband of 30 years, Dave. They have two children and three grandchildren. Claudette recently moved from poetry and began writing short pieces about her life, in preparation for a future book. Her chapter in this book is her first non-fiction endeavor. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Chrissy Siggee has two adult children and three grandchildren. She lives with her husband of twenty-eight years in Brisbane, Australia. After serving many years in children and youth ministries, she dedicated herself to Pastoral Care and Counseling to shut-ins, hospitalized and those with special needs. Chrissy rediscovered her childhood desire to write shortly after moving to Sydney in 2006 and that proved to be a major turning point in her life. With her unique blend of experiences, she writes mostly fiction, devotions, and her favored genre, poetry. Chrissy is the author of teen novel Out of the Shadows - Jenna's Secret and poetry book Glimpses of His Glory. Chrissy is also the Australian Bureau Chief for The Cypress Times. (Contributing author to Delivered)

David Ian is the Founder and Artistic Director of "Unchained Productions" an umbrella production company of literature, stage, video, audio drama and online works whose Mission Statement is "to educate, entertain and edify, through a wide range of media, for the Glory of God." David's stage work has received the highest acclaim the city of Portland, OR has to offer (The "Drammy Award", that city's equivalent to Broadway's "Tony Award") and his playwriting (a Shakespearean treatment of Esther) has won national award status and acclaim. His radio work, incorporating seven different voices into one piece, contributed to a national award for genre radio drama (The Mark Time Award). David tours a one man show entitled "The Replacement Disciple" which has been a favorite at events and conferences. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Dara Lowe is an English major at a Christian university in the Midwest. She began her writing career at the young age of four, when she dictated her first book “The Story of the Tulip” to her mom. At the age of twelve, she completed a 170-page book that remains unpublished. She will soon be published in a quarterly FaithWriters anthology. She is currently working on a novel as a part of a trilogy and has dozens of other novel ideas that she hopes to work on in the future. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Darlene Suter was born and raised in Indiana. She is the middle child of five girls and was married in May, 2007. She is currently working on her first novel and is part of a poetry ministry. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling to historical sites and reading. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Debbie Roome was born and raised in Zimbabwe and later spent fifteen years in South Africa. In 2006 she moved to New Zealand with her husband and five children. Writing has been her passion since the age of six and she loves to write stories that touch people’s lives and turn them towards God. After fifteen years of owning a toy store, she is now working full time at her writing and has never been more fulfilled. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Deborah Porter is a published writer and popular public speaker, with a particular gift for communicating in a way that is both enjoyable and easy for readers and listeners to understand. As the Coordinator of the FaithWriters' Writing Challenge, Deb has helped to shape this weekly contest into arguably the most popular aspect of She is the editor of FaithWriters' Magazine, as well as for the FW's quarterly anthologies, and acts as coordinator and reviewer for the FaithWriters' Book Review section. As well as her work at FW and through her own personal ministry, Breath of Fresh Air, she also runs her own business, Finesse Writing and Editing Service. Deborah lives in Sydney, Australia, and is married, with two adult children and one son-in-law. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Donna Emery is a registered nurse from Lancaster County, PA. She and her husband Ed are the proud parents of five children. Donna began online writing by doing recaps and commentary for reality TV shows. She credits FaithWriters with helping her to realize and develop her potential as a Christian writer and poet. In addition to writing she enjoys word games, trivia and quilting. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Ed Pennewell, born in Kansas and receiving only basic education and learning, has sought a Godly life in the world, and from the sorrow there, has placed his thoughts to written words. Taking the name JesusPuppy while in the mission field, his greatest goal in life has been to show God's love and light to all he meets. He places his heart in the things he writes in hopes they touch another's life and bring them hope. JesusPuppy is a simple man, working as a carpenter while writing praise to the Lord, living on the Northwest coast of United States of America. (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice and Struggle Creek)

Elizabeth Burton grew up on a small farm in the foothills of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. After receiving her graduate degrees in English and theoretical linguistics, she returned to home to join the faculty of the local university. She has turned the family farm into a haven for abused and neglected animals, and is currently caretaker to a menagerie of horses, cats and dogs. She believes strongly that animals help us see God’s love more clearly, and that a disregard for their welfare pains the Father as much as it does her. Her writing frequently reflects the deep, healing grace that can develop when humans open themselves up to animals, as can be seen in the short story, “African Grey,” included in this anthology. Her stories have appeared in a number of literary venues, both Christian and secular, and she is currently working on her first novel. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Garnet Miller is a freelance writer living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her writing credits include inclusion in three FaithWriters anthology books, articles in Cross Times and Riders and Reapers, and two columns in the e-zine, Extreme Woman. Garnet is also managing editor for Extreme Woman magazine. She is a married mother of two growing boys and credits God and for fostering and shaping her love of writing into a form that He can use for His glory. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Glenn Hascall began a broadcasting career in 1984, and is the current manager and morning host of KHYM. He began writing professionally in 1995 and has contributed to more than 40 books, including textbooks and anthologies from publishers such as Thomas Nelson, Bethany House and Regal. His voice work has been heard internationally, and in 2007, he released his first comedy CD, SKETCH. When he’s not writing or talking he’s busy being a dad and husband, which remain his greatest occupation.  (Contributing author to Delivered)

Helen Paynter lives with her husband and three children in Bristol, England. She is a freelance writer of short fiction, poetry, and worship resources. She has completed her first novel and is working on her second. Her passion is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in novel and unexpected ways. She is also deeply concerned about issues of global justice and writes extensively on this subject. Her work has been published by Scripture Union and FaithWriters. For further information or to commission a piece of writing, please see her website.  (Lead writer for Delivered)

James Clem is originally from Kentucky, but wandered in the Arizona desert for 20-odd years. He is the midst of moving from the Phoenix area to the Promised Land of Roanoke, Virginia. Writing is a hobby that lay fallow for many years until his discovery of the FaithWriters website which kindled a sleeping ember into a flickering flame. Responding to FW’s weekly writing challenge resulted in several entries being published in the FW challenge books. Jim, his wife Anna, and teen-age daughter Rebecca, have been involved in drama, music and children’s ministries while in Phoenix. They now look forward to exploring new opportunities in the Roanoke valley. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Jan Ross and her husband Ron make their home in Willard, Ohio; they are the parents of six adult children who have blessed them with fourteen amazing grandchildren. Jan is an ordained minister, published author, and piano teacher. With a heart relentlessly motivated by the Great Commission, Jan co-founded and serves as President of Heart of God International Ministries through which she has frequent opportunities to minister the message of salvation through Jesus Christ across the globe. She oversees ongoing and growing ministry activities in India, Uganda, Haiti, Kenya, Soldiers Bible Ministry, JournEzine, Women of Passions, and various other local and international outreaches. Jan’s servant heart and deep passion for the Word of God continue to bear much fruit to the glory of God. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Joanne Sher was raised in the Jewish faith, and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in her 30s. Her husband Marc, also a Jew who came to Jesus, is currently on disability due to a brain tumor and assorted complications. Joanne, a writer and editor, is working on Ailing Body Nourished Soul, a book about God’s presence during their health trials. She has had stories and articles appear in several Christian publications and she blogs regularly at The Shers live in West Michigan with their two school-aged children. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Joanney Uthe was born in Iowa and has lived in five different Midwestern states.  She began writing poetry at age eight with the encouragement of her Grandma and only recently turned to trying her hand at fiction and devotional writing.  She makes her home in Minnesota with her husband and two sons. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Julie Arduini is a freelance writer and graduate of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. Her work is included in Kathy Vick’s Run Like a Girl and James Stuart Bell’s October release, God Sightings. Both books are published by Howard/Simon and Schuster. To see her complete writing resume, please visit her website. She lives in NE Ohio with her husband and two children. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Karie Spiller is a 2nd generation homeschooling mother of three who has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 11 wonderful years. She lives in Oriskany, New York. She started writing when she was 15 when she got a poem published in a local homeschool newsletter. She is an active member at FaithWriters. She writes Christian Romance and Children's stories. Besides being active in several Children's ministries at her church she enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, and beading. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Karri F. Compton, wife and mother of three, devours Christian fiction whenever possible. Her favorite genre is suspense/thriller, especially Ted Dekker novels. She is a moderator on his official website. Since promoting biblical worldview fiction is dear to her heart, she reviews on her blog, Fiction Fanatics Only! and is a staff reviewer and interviewer for such sites as Title Trakk and The Christian Suspense Zone. She also enjoys musical theater and mulling over ideas for her own novels. Her latest published works appear in Cross & Quill and Peculiar People’s novel collaboration, Struggle Creek. (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice, Struggle Creek, and Delivered)

Karen Ward is an Australian writer who loves life and wants to connect with other Christians through her writing. As a mother of three young boys, with a wonderful husband, she feels blessed by God and wants to honor Him by answering His call on her life. (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice)

Kaylee Baracskai is a homeschooled teen from Northeast Ohio. Reaching the deaf with the gospel is one of her heart’s desires, which is why she hopes to attend a Christian college that will allow her to earn a degree in Deaf Interpretive Services. She also wants to further develop her talent of writing to glorify God. Kaylee enjoys chocolate, experimenting in the kitchen, shopping, music, photography, reading, writing, crafts of all sorts, and spending time with friends and family. She lives with her parents, four younger siblings, and two dogs. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Kris St. James is a Southern gothic writer who's current projects are called April's Fool (a Civil War tale) and Awaecnian (Frankenstien, 2.0). (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice, Struggle Creek, and The Heirloom Chronicles)

Lauren Bombardier (known as "Wren" to her friends) has had a passion for writing her whole life, but has only taken a serious interest in it recently. When she's not writing, she's either reading, cross-stitching, or taking walks through God's country. Lauren currently resides in Washington. (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice and Struggle Creek)

Laury Hubrich enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction in between working as a teacher’s aide in a public high school in Central Illinois and all the other things that come with being a wife and mother. She writes weekly for the writing challenges at, which has really helped improve her writing skills. Laury also has a chronic condition called Intracranial Hypertension. This results in constant and sometimes severe headaches. Because of it, she has grown in her faith in God and trusts Him to help her through each day of life. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Linda Germain is a former Registered Nurse with a degree in English. She is a Christian humor columnist for, a past Department Editor of Faithwriters Magazine, a current FaithWriters Book Reviewer, and author of published articles and stories. She is working on several projects, including writing a book and some freelance editing. Linda resides in the south, USA. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Lisa Mikitarian is wife to Sam and mother to Madeline, Spencer and Katalina. Writing is her favorite creative outlet, but she has trouble completing projects, so her current hope is that she finishes the novel she’s working on.  Gratitude is the word that characterizes her life. Her blog can be read at (Contributing author to Delivered and the Heirloom Chronicles)

Lynda Schab is a freelance writer from Michigan. Her work has been published in greeting cards and magazines, as well as several FaithWriters anthologies. She is currently at work on her first novel. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Mid Stustman is an author/artist who resides in northern Indiana with her husband and family. Writing and art have played an important part in her life since she was old enough to pick up a crayon and pencil, and she acknowledges God as the source and inspiration for her creative gifts. (Contributing artist)

Molina Benoit is a pseudonym for a wife and mom whose works have appeared in national magazines as well as online. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Monika Langguth's love for writing is second only to her love for her Precious Lord. One of five children, she spent her childhood years in The Bronx, learning diverse cultures and religions early on. At age six, she won first prize singing Silent Night at a Channukah celebration. A true lover of the arts, Monika has composed over twenty songs and is working on a compilation of inspirational poems she plans to publish in the near future. She says, “I exist for creativity. We’re the Creator’s Kids--we have His DNA!”  Love being her driving force, the longing of Monika’s heart is always to encourage, comfort, lift up and edify. “If I truly love The Lord…I will love all that He loves. If I have a problem with the second part, I will remember the first part.” (Contributing author to Delivered)

Petra van der Zande, who often writes under the penname Christina Boerma, is a full-time foster mother of (presently one) Israeli very special needs child. God opened the door for her writing dream when she turned 50 and since then she earned a diploma for the Breaking into Print Course, (LongRidgeWritersGroup) and also finished their Novel Course in record time. Petra is now a published writer of hundreds of non-fiction articles and is presently working on her third Historical novel. Originally from Holland, Petra and her husband of 30 years have lived since 1989 in Jerusalem, Israel. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Rebecca O’Connor has been an ordained minister of the Gospel for over twenty-five years and taught in private Christian school for eighteen years. Teaching turned into writing, which turned into Zahar Publishing Co. Rebecca and husband Dennis have published twelve Christian instructional books in a little over two years. Besides the love of writing is the love of their two daughters, four granddaughters, and a big ol’ basset hound named Lilly-Bo. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Rebekah "Becky" Depp is a nineteen-year-old high school graduate who lives on Maryland's eastern shore. Her dream is to write children's books or write for a magazine. In her free time she loves to play games, hang out with her best friend, help baby-sit her niece and sing in her church choir. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Rick Higginson has always had an active fantasy life, and learned at a young age to incorporate his daydreams into stories. In particular, he enjoys writing science-fiction and light humor. He has been happily married to Nancy since 1980, and together they raised two kids they are positively crazy about. Rick makes his home in Tucson, Arizona, but his mind is usually somewhere else. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek and The Heirloom Chronicles)

Rita Garcia is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor. She has a passion for helping others achieve their most important life goals. As a freelance Christian writer, Rita enjoys writing Christian fiction, as well as Christian non-fiction. Her official writer’s web site can be viewed at (Contributing author to Struggle Creek and Delivered)

Sandra L. Petersen (Samara) writes with a heart for the persecuted church, for women who have lost a child or struggle with their faith, and for hurting children. Her more than fifty short stories and poems appear on Eight of her stories have appeared in FaithWriters anthologies. Her non-fiction articles appear on the websites Constant Content and Associated Content. She and her husband have three daughters, two of which live at home. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Shari L. Armstrong is a wife and mother of two, and lives near Cleveland, Ohio. She is the managing editor and staff writer for “Extreme Woman”, the e-magazine for Sister 2 Sister 4 Christ Ministry. Owner of Eagles' Wings Writing; offering freelance writing and editing services. She has several articles published, both in magazines and on the internet. Her story, “Breaking and Entering”, will be included in the upcoming FaithWriters anthology, “Inspiration at Your Fingertips”. She is active at FaithWriters as a Writing Challenge judge and book reviewer. Shari is currently working on several projects, including a Christian sci-fi novel. (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice and Struggle Creek)

Shelley Snyder is fairly new to writing, but has had an interest in it for several years. She resides in New Brunswick, Canada where she is an avid knitter and is learning to play the flute. She graduated in 2006, at the age of thirty-seven, from Atlantic Baptist University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. She is currently working toward a certificate to teach English as a second language, and hopes to travel overseas to teach. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Tammy “Ruby” Johnson can’t figure out why she is a writer. Her mind constantly takes her on thrilling adventures and twisted plots that stop just before she gets them on paper. Her full-time thrill is enjoying the pastor husband, dear daughter, and wonderful son God has blessed her with. She continues to write and perform puppet skits for her church’s children’s ministry and a novel is always brewing in her brain. She hopes to someday allow one of those novels out and maybe see it join the few short stories that have found themselves in print with a Christian newspaper and an anthology with FaithWriters. Most days she is happily cleaning house, folding laundry, and cooking meals in the rural Midwest. (Contributing author to Secrets of the Ice and Struggle Creek)

Terri Tiffany has a B.A. in Psychology and has counseled adults for almost twenty years. She co-owned a Christian Bookstore before relocating to Florida with her family where she writes full-time. Her stories have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Hearts at Home, Purpose, and numerous anthologies and Christian publications. (Contributing author to Delivered)

Val Clark lives in the Northern Territory of Australia. Her passion is writing. She writes across many genres and in a variety of forms for different age groups. She is seeking a publisher for a young adult fantasy novel and is half way through writing the sequel. She is an active member of the NT Writers Centre and enjoys helping other emerging writers follow their dreams both face to face and on line. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek)

Valora Ann Otis a talented author who writes in many genres, has spent her life living in almost mystical locales. She now lives in a rural lake town in Minnesota with her husband Terry and son Hunter. Her oldest three sons are serving in missions. Valora recognizes the harsher side of reality, but chooses to focus on the joy and beauty—which can be found in any situation. She has been published several times over as a contributing author. Some publications are as follows: Lorna Owen’s Everyday Grace, Every Day Miracle, Lucy Cain’s award winning Secure The Fort, and Peculiar Peoples first novel, Struggle Creek. Valora is now focusing on two books she is writing. The first is a family story of mystery and intrigue, and another is a Missionary Moms’ anthology. She also writes for Associated Content. (Contributing author to Struggle Creek and Delivered)

Please note that PeP does not necessarily endorse the information on authors' private websites.

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